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OFFRE COMBINÉE Livre BMW Boxer + Clé...

OFFRE COMBINÉE Livre BMW Boxer + Clé de serrage

65,90 €

Livre "BMW Boxer à partir de /5"-volume 1-anglais
Clé de serrage ecrou d'echappement modèle court pour voyage

Réf. 7136803 et 1821698


Livre "BMW Boxer à partir de /5"-volume 1-anglais

Volume 1 - all models with two suspension struts ( Book is in ENGLISH language ) On 178 pages, Andy Schwietzer, in cooperation with Jochen Siebenrock and Werner R. Reiss, present more thoroughly than ever before the history of the BMW Boxer from 1969 onwa

Clé de serrage écrou d'échappement modèle court pour voyage

This wrench is for removing and installing the finned exhaust nuts from /5 models on up. It is made of forged steel to survive a lifetime of use. Short version, perfect for toolbox under the seat. A star nut spanner is a must for every toolbox of a tou

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